Shadow of the Vampyr



  1. A Tiefling Sorcerer and a Gnome Cleric camp for the night and find themselves surrounded by thick fog. When they wake they soon realize that they are no longer in familiar country.
  2. A Human Rogue and a Lizardfolk Barbarian soon cross the path of the Tiefling and Gnome, they decide to travel together as there is safety in numbers.
  3. A thick eldritch fog begins to manifest and seems to purse the four westward along the road until they reach a massive gate which opens of its own accord as they approach.
  4. The gate seems to act as a barrier against the fog, holding it at bay for the moment.
  5. Further down the road they hear desperate cries echoing through the woods.
  6. They discover that the cries come from a young boy named Thornboldt who stands in the middle of the road near a lone manor with his sister Rosavalda. They fear for their safety because their parents have been gone for several days, leaving them alone with a "monster in the basement."
  7. After some investigation the four decide to rid the home of the monster and rescue the children's younger brother Walter. 
  8. The Barbarian attempts to strike Thornboldt when he becomes panicked at the idea of  being forced to re-enter the home.
  9. Both children make horrid, unearthly screams as they are sucked into the house.
  10. The party explores the mansion.

    1. The lower levels are impeccably cared for.
    2. There are several secret rooms and doors.
    3. There is animated armor that attacks.
    4. There is a Spectre of a Servant Woman.
    5. There is a hidden room revealing that the people of the house have a dark story.

      1. Gustav Durst, the children's father had an affair with the Nursemaid (spectre) who had a stillborn child (Walter). The Nursemaid was killed and then haunted the home.
      2. Gustav and his wife Elisabeth were members of a cult that sacrificed humans in the name of Dark Powers.

        1. The Vampire Lord Strahd Von Zarovich wrote the Dursts a letter that outline his contempt for their lowly cult.
        2. They locked their children in their bedroom where Rose and Thorn starved to death.
    6. A secret staircase leads to a dungeon below the mansion. There are many features within.

      1. A crypt for each member of the Durst family.
      2. Dead cultists in the form of Ghouls.
      3. Ghostly chanting echoes throughout.
    7. The party retreated back up to the house proper to rest before continued exploration.



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