Shadow of the Vampyr

Loose Threads

Loose Threads…

  • (BAROVIA)(VALLAKI)(KREZK) Find a safe place for Myrtle
  • (BAROVIA) Deal with Vampire Doru in the church’s undercroft
  • (BAROVIA/UNKNOWN) Find Gertruda for Mad Mary
  • (VALLAKI) (ONGOING) Plan your vampire hunts with Rudolph Van Richten
  • (VALLAKI) Explore Blinksy’s Toys
  • (VALLAKI) Investigate the manor that "hates itself"
  • (MT GHAKIS) Investigate the Amber Temple with Kasimir
  • (UNKNOWN) Find the Lore item (Miser Card)
  • (CASTLE RAVENLOFT) Confront Strahd in Castle Ravenloft (Ghost Card)

  • (VALLAKI)Explore the windmill “Old Bonegrinder”
  • (VALLAKI)(KREZK) Decide on where to hide Ireena Kolyana (Currently in St. Andral's)
  • (VALLAKI) Find your ally (Illusionist card) Rictavio/Van Richten
  • (VALLAKI) Find the keeper of the holy symbol (Beggar Card) (Kasimir the Injured Elf)



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